My name is Nicholas and I want to welcome you here!

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Welcome to Money 101 Academy Course Membership! I am excited that you are here and I congratulate you on taking this important step in investing in yourself.

My name is Nicholas Cook. I have over seven years of experience of working with hundreds of people both in my time of previously working as a Financial Advisor and in my current work of Money Coaching and teaching Personal Finance both in schools and online.

One of my goals is that your experience here deepens your knowledge about money and helps create habits that will make a lasting financial impact on your life. Please feel free to reach out with me with any feedback you have (both what is going well and what additional things you would like to see and learn about).

Get Instant Access to the Following:

Step-by-Step Video Lessons, Actions Items, and More

The online course includes lessons with videos, quizzes, and concrete-action items to help you learn to find clarity and focus in why you want to be financially free. Also, learn more about other elements of personal finance including building an emergency fund, budgeting like a boss, insurance, saving and investing, and estate planning.

Monthly Zoom Group Coaching, Facebook Group, and a Budget Template

Also included are a Private Facebook Group and monthly Zoom group coaching ($60/month value) for accountability and support in working toward financial freedom. You will learn step-by-step how to create a budget with the downloadable Budget Template to help you take action in creating more cashflow for yourself.

1-on-1 Financial Coaching Session Included

You will receive a 24-minute financial coaching session with Nicholas Cook ($80 value) after you've completed the course to ask questions and unpack more of your financial situation. He has worked with hundreds of clients in his work both as a Financial Advisor and now currently as a Financial Coach.


What others are saying.........

"A straightforward approach to get you started on the right way, not only to handle, but think about money. Seriously, Nick's years of teaching proves valuable in the Money 101 Academy Membership"

-Douglas Louis

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this membership for?

This membership is for you if you have questions about your financial future and are looking to begin building good fundamentals in saving money, paying off debt, creating a budget, and building wealth. It is for anybody wanting to build a firm foundation in personal finance, yet specifically in the Zoom Group Coaching, we will also sometimes get into more advanced areas of personal finance including investing, cryptocurrency, the stock market, and more.

How much time is required for this membership?

The way this membership course is designed you can spend anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours a week. The greater investment you put in with your time, the greater potential for dividends you will receive (pun intended) :)

How is this membership course different from other personal finance courses?

Most courses similar to this one do not include all this has to offer. Seriously, between the Zoom group coaching, Private Facebook Group, and 1-on-1 coaching, this membership is loaded with benefits to help you. In addition, you will benefit from both my financial and teacher background. Working with me, you will receive knowledge and resources that have the power to change your life. I have personally walked the road of learning how to pay off debt, create a budget, and invest. In addition, from my experience as both a Financial Advisor and Financial Coach, I have worked with hundreds of people in guiding them to financial success. 

 Can I get one-on-one support for my finances?   

Yes! The course does include a 24-minute financial coaching session with me, as well as group coaching, and a private Facebook Group. Also, when you complete the course, you'll have an opportunity to sign up for one-on-one financial coaching with me if would like.

How long do I have access to the membership?

You can either subscribe monthly and cancel when you like or if you join annually (you will save $89 if sign up annually) you will have access for a year. You can renew your annual membership as often as you like.

What's your refund policy?

I’m confident that you’ll benefit from this course! However, if you are not satisfied for some reason, you can cancel your membership at any time and your next payment will not be billed.

This sounds really good, how do I register?

Sign up above!

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